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the mascot
Benji, the tiger mascot
Benji is a calling acquisition agency that distinguishes itself through their Performance-Based approach and 'no cure, no pay' policy. It was our job to create a brand for the agency, and take their visionary ideas and make them into tangible brand visuals. They had a cool idea for a mascot, a cute little tiger named "Benji". This little tiger quickly became the foundation of Benji Agency's brand and can be found in various brand expressions and on the website!
brand blitz
branding and website in 30 days
For Benji, we were privileged to handle the entire branding and website! This includes the logo, the colors, and not to forget, their mascot: BENJI. We always prefer to work with a clear branding before we get started on the website. This ensures that everything on the website stays consistent and that we're working with a clear vision.

Thanks to our efficient processes, it was possible to complete this project within 30 days. Of course, this couldn't come at the expense of quality. Therefore, we had weekly check-ins with the guys from Benji to achieve the best result! Every week we made sure that we were aligned on the project and planned ahead to the next week.
implementation with webflow
Of course, we handled the implementation of the website in Webflow. We have several Webflow specialists on our team, and we're big fans! This ensured that Benji's website could be built quickly and effectively. Pay attention to the small details on the website; these are the things that Webflow enables!

"Orbisary not only achieved the desired look for the website, but also surprised me with  additions I never knew were possible."


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