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Web design and development

We start with design, end with development. At Orbisary, we do it all! With our broad team of experts that each have a specialization, we create websites that look good and feel good. We design the website to be user friendly, cisually stunning, and with a clear call to action. We also make sure it is safe, fast, and build to last.


The design process starts with determining the Scope of the project. We identify your goals, target audience, and the most fundamental functionalities. We gather data about your subject, the design options you'd like, and any special requirements you might have. By defining a clear Scope, we can lay a solid foundation for the design process.

01 Scope

Digital blueprint

Wireframes are schematical displays of the lay-out without any visual details that will help structuring the content and the UX. We focus on the positioning and arrangement of all elements like navigation, contentblocks, and interactive components. Through the use of wireframes we get a solid overview of the lay-out of your website before we start with visual details.

02 wireframes


After creating wireframes we continue creating the LoFi prototypes, these are interactive mock-ups of your website functionality that will show you your customer's journey. We use simple graphical elements and limited the use of cisual details to focus on the way things interact and how your customer will experience the website.

03 lofi prototypes

adding details

With the feedback we receive from you after our LoFi protorype phase we continue making HiFi prototypes, these are detailed visuals that aim to give a realistic view of what the pictures, typography, and colors on the site will be like. It's our goal to get the final look and feel into this prototype, so it can help us test the visuals, the branding consistency, and the UX.

04 hifi prototypes

Going live

After the HiFi prototype is approved by you, we start the creation of the website. All elements and prototypes are converted to code and your website will come to life. We aim to create responsive and optimised website through the use of our state of the art knowledge on wed technologies. We integrate the functionality and extensively test your website to ensure its compatibility with other browsers and devices.

05 development

We put the client-first

This method makes us able to create our websites to be edited and customized by you, long after we are out of the picture. We truly build them so you can build your business for years. The client also comes first in all of our processes, we ensure you get your say on everything we do, and we schedule in very regular points on contact with the customer. We believe this results in the best possible outcome for the customer.

code en no-code websites

Our in-house team has a very diverse skillset, which allows us to create great no-code websites in Webflow, it also allows us to delve into more complex code based web applications if that is deemed best for the customer's website. Through the growing popularity of Webflow and the endless possibilities we can combine code and no-code to create the website of your dreams.

Webflow as a base

We use Webflow! Previously we made websites using all sorts of different custom website design tools like WordPress Elementor, Divi, or Wix. Since 2023 we have fallen in love with the way Webflow elevates the websites we make to a new level, and our customers have been happier ever since.

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